Own luxury real estate and experience rent-collecting life.

Having been wandering abroad for many years and being troubled, you finally decided to go to your hometown to inherit the family business and become a reliable landlord. Back in the familiar idyllic town, you start your journey as a landlord full of challenges.

large tour group

In this warm community, another wave of super large tour groups was received, making a fortune. Holding over 100 million real estate, it is not a dream to make millions every day

Rental life

You are the tenants' landlord and their friend. In Trivial Life, you can communicate with tenants and share fragments of their lives.

It is a question answering entertainment money making app

Answer questions to enrich your knowledge, life knowledge, school knowledge and nonsense cold knowledge. It is suitable for all ages! Followed by brainstorming and having seen and heard a lot.

A gathering of wise men

The question answering conference has begun. Will you be the smartest one? Massive question bank, waiting for you to play. Here is the ocean of knowledge, the carnival of the wise!

Knowledge is power

Defeating the enemy requires not only healthy physique, but also rich knowledge. Arm yourself with knowledge and defeat every opponent!